Maoran Sun is an urban researcher and data scientist. Prior to attending Cambridge, he worked at Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a research fellow. Maoran holds Master’s in Design Studies and Urban Design from Harvard University and Bachelor in Urban Planning from Southeast University.
He is interested in building energy environmental justice and urban studies with an approach of combining geospatial data science and deep learning.



University of Cambridge | PhD in Urban Studies
Harvard Graduate School of Design | Master of Design Studies
Harvard Graduate School of Design | Master of Architecture in Urban Design
Southeast University | Bachelor of Engineer, Urban Planning


MIT Senseable City Lab | Research Fellow, Research Affiliate
HKS Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation | Research Assistant
Harvard GSD City Form Lab | Research Assistant
Harvard FAS Chinese Art and Media Lab | Research Assistant
OMA | Student Researcher

Selected publication

Sun M, Bardhan, R.. Identifying Hard-to-Decarbonize houses from multi-source data in Cambridge, UK. Sustainable Cities and Society. 2023
Sun M, Zhang F, Duarte F, Ratti C. Understanding architecture age and style through deep learning. Cities. 2022
Su T, Sun M, Fan Z, Noyman A, Pentland A, Moro E. Rhythm of the streets: A street classification framework based on street activity patterns. EPJ Data Science. 2022
Fan Z, Su T, Sun M, Noyman A, Zhang F, Pentland AS, Moro E. Diversity beyond density: Experienced social mixing of urban streets. PNAS nexus. 2023
Salazar-Miranda A, Zhang F, Sun M, Leoni P, Duarte F, Ratti C. Smart curbs: Measuring street activities in real-time using computer vision. Landscape and Urban Planning. 2023